About me

I am a PhD student at the department of Linguistics and English Language at the University of Edinburgh  working under the supervision of Patrick Honeybone and Pavel Iosad.

My main research interests lie in the intersection between historical phonology and traditional philology; using insights from phonological theory and typology to study in detail geographic and chronological variation in historical Norwegian textual material. Recently I have had particular focus on long-distance segmental phenomena (vowel harmony, umlaut, metaphony, etc.). I am particularly interested in cross-linguistic commonalities in disharmony (blocking / skipping) in harmony systems, and what new light these findings can shed on classical problems in disharmony and eventual elimination of Old Norwegian vowel height harmony.

Originally from western Minnesota, my interests in the language sciences began in studying variation and attrition of heritage Norwegian speakers in rural Minnesota. I have a BA in linguistics and Scandinavian languages from the University of Minnesota and an MPhil/MA in Norse philology jointly from the University of Iceland and University of Oslo.

In Edinburgh I am the recipient of the McIntosh-Patterson PhD Studentship and an affiliate of the Angus McIntosh Centre for Historical Linguistics (AMC).